I am carrying on the family tradition of Greek women makers who made beautiful and useful things out of necessity. Their story is my story.

Exhibition and Banishing Shame

October 9, 2023 The Eleni Crossing Bodice makes its shiny debut in an exhibition of local artists at the Warburton Waterwheel Art Gallery.
Frida and Co. Label on the Neon Mermaid Bodice

I Am Not a Businesswoman

October 2, 2023 Doing the thing you love because the other options are not really options if you want to make your spirit soar.
Buddha holding a candle

Slow Is The New Black

August 13, 2023 Fast fashion, fast food, fast everything is killing us slowly. The slow, mindful life movement is showing us that slow might just save our lives and planet.

To Frog or Not To Frog, That Is The Question

July 31, 2023 When the most important question is do you frog your work when you realise you have made a mistake.
frida glass

Minimalist Head, Maximalist Heart

July 14, 2023 The power of beauty to stop you in your tracks

The Mess As A Work In Progress

April 13, 2022 When designs for the next masterpiece don’t quite work out as they should.

Here’s to Manifesting

December 14, 2020 How a simple clothing label made my business suddenly feel real.

All’s Right With The World

December 13, 2020 Who’s raging and why?

I Fall For It Every Time

December 13, 2020 Take your time. No one’s chasing you.

D For Productivity

October 24, 2020 When the best laid plans go south

Wind In The Willows

September 2, 2020 Nature’s power never ceases to amaze!
Frida with geranium

Oh where for art thou muse?

August 30, 2020 Do you have artist’s block? The Great Plague of 2020 has got us all by the short and curlies.
A Turkish tea glass filled with crochet hooks and a pair of vintage scissors.

Crochet origin theories

August 28, 2020 The origins of crochet are fascinating

To The Tribe of Makers

August 10, 2020 Do you belong to the Tribe of Makers (TOMs)? Making for us tribe members is a compulsion we happily (mostly) live with.

Who Died Today?

August 9, 2020 The Greeks morbid fascination with death.
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