Little Brave Things

Little Brave Things are often overlooked and underestimated. Sometimes it’s the little things that can change a lot of things.

Doing something that isn’t nothing

We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that bravery requires big, bold action. At least this is what I’ve told myself. It’s a convenient position to hold if what I want is to paralyze myself from taking any action towards the bigger more expansive and creative existence my bones ache for.

But what if…what if bravery only required Little Brave Things (LBTs)…just tiny shuffles, minor movements to move the needle in the direction of The One Wild & Crazy Thing we want out of life.

A post by the lovely Donna of @warbotanicals fame talks so eloquently of the power of “doing something that isn’t nothing.”

Once again I have had a long social media sabbatical but the re-entry back into socialmediascape is fraught with overthinking. The self-talk about its pros and cons has been relentless. But I have once again put my big girl pantaloons on and diving in again.

My 10 Little Brave Things

Little Brave Things are often overlooked and underestimated. Here are 10 Little Brave Things I have done that have helped me feel some forward movement into the life I want.

1. I drove four hours to spend a delicious time at the Metung Hot Springs. Driving longer than 30 minutes had been an issue for a long time.
2. I read a book. It wasn’t great but I read it. Why have I neglected reading??
3. I met with a business advisor in a van that travels out to rural areas.
4. I went to Pilates after decades of not attending group classes. Whoa…who knew all those bits on my body even existed?
5. I used graph paper to draw. It helped.
6 I’ve been on more than one walk a week for several months.
7. I joined an art group. I’m not a natural joiner. It was not easy. I’m glad I did it.
8. I let Wilma the Wallaby eat all the ripe back blackberries. I suspect she’s been helping herself much more of my precious produce but let’s not go there. Swipe to see her at work.
9. I’ve written this one post.
10. I’ve asked for help.

When overwhelm settles in I’m going to try to remember that Little Brave Things, are “something that isn’t nothing”. Sometimes this is just enough to keep the Big Blahs away.

Your Little Brave Thing

What Little Brave Thing have you done to move your needle towards your one big thing?

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