I Am Not a Businesswoman

Doing the thing you love because the other options are not really options if you want to make your spirit soar.

Frida and Co. Label on the Neon Mermaid Bodice

I am not a businesswoman.

The only business I have ever been in is education. The reason I left the work of being an educator is because education has become more business than education. Educators are buried in accountability and compliance which leaves little room for attending to the nuanced needs and talents of students. I may return to education one day but it would have to be a compelling enough argument to get me involved.

My compass is now firmly pointing to a life of creative expression. My first and abiding love. For decades my creativity happened in the margins of my life, in the left over moments. But my day job sucked the best of me so what I gave to my creativity was either half hearted or inadequate.

I’m not a business woman but I’m learning how to become one because I want to share Frida & Co Design with people who want wear creations that make their heart sing and their feet dance. It’s time.

I am reading everything I can possibly get my hands on, I’m looking at how women I admire run their businesses, I’m looking for mentors, I’m thinking about the sort of business I want to run, I’m trying to distill what I want to be known for and what my unique offering to the world will be.

In the meantime, I will do the one thing I know how to do, learn and make art.

Sneak Preview of What Is Coming

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