Slow Is The New Black

Fast fashion, fast food, fast everything is killing us slowly. The slow, mindful life movement is showing us that slow might just save our lives and planet.

Buddha holding a candle

In 1986 Carlo Petrini protested against the opening of a Macca’s “restaurant” in Piazza Di Spagne in Rome. From this one man, this one act of defiance he gave birth not only to the slow food movement but a myriad of other slow movements including slow fashion.

It is basically a rejection of the machine and the faceless corporations that churn out products and attitudes in its cookie cutter and soulless image.

Slow is easier said than done. It takes mindfulness, intention and effort. We’ve become addicts to fast, quick, now and cheap…above all cheap. Many people are shocked at the price of slow food, clothes and services. We are paying a high price for low cost.

I’m not sure we have a real choice. Slow down or pay the price.

To you and yours I wish you the peace of all things slow.

Want to learn more about Slow Living?

This is a great introduction to the Slow Living Movement. Enjoy!

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