I Fall For It Every Time

Take your time. No one’s chasing you.

This time each year I tell myself to consciously slow down as the world races like possessed creatures to ‘get ready for Xmas’.  Yet despite being conscious my anxiety levels creep up because of this invisible pre-new year pressure to finish my work, fix the broken bits in my head, mend the sad things in my heart, take responsibility for all the poop the world serves up and make it better, don’t let the worms die in the soil, address being a crap friend/daughter/sister (I’m a good aunt though) and the rest of the incessant mumblings that trot across my mind. 

In these moments I ask WWFD (What Would Frida Do?). I think in this scenario Frida light up a ciggy, sip enthusiastically on some fabulous Mexican wine, put on the reddest of red lipsticks, don a dress to die for,  slip on matching kick-arse earrings and top off this resplendent vision with a crown of fresh flowers.  🌺🌺🌺

I don’t have a predilection for ciggies or wine but I do like a nice frock and an occasional flower in my hairs. 

So perhaps I just need to take a chill pill and take Frida’s advice. She’s always pretty spot on and my thinking is often a little off kilter, especially at this topsy turvy time and after The Great Plague of Twenty-Twenty. 

So if you’re out there running around as if some invisible force is chasing you towards an even more invisible finish line…then I offer you one of my chill pills and a big dose of courage to run your own race. Let’s all run our own race, hold each other’s hand and   ease up on all that pesky self talk. 

Ps. On second thought don’t run your own race…saunter. Take your time. No one’s chasing you. 🙏🌺🙏💃🏽

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