Oh where for art thou muse?

Do you have artist’s block? The Great Plague of 2020 has got us all by the short and curlies.

Frida with geranium

This post has been inspired by @spincushions, a stunning crochet designer you can find on Instagram. She recently lamented the fact that her muse and inspiration has vanished despite her best efforts. I’ve heard this from many artist makers for quite awhile now. I’m in the same muse-less boat. I think my muse is in her uggs and trackies, binging on Tim Tams and Netflix and taking a few too many naps.

Given that we’re living through The Great Plague of 2020, sharing our homes with the same beloved but bedraggled faces 24/7, wearing masks that fog your glasses, staying within a 5kms radius and only having access to pink sausages and soggy vegetables at the local IGA, enduring the endless barking of bored dogs because their owners are under a doona pretending they don’t exist, watching the train wreck of news we refuse to stop watching, the meanness and breathtaking stupidity of some people, knucklehead conspiracy theories…is it any wonder that we might be a little short on inspiration?

I for one am giving myself permission to go slow or do nothing of any more. If I have to live on cup-a-soups and out of date coffee then so be it.

Where is your muse? Is she plaguing you with ideas, inspiration and productivity or is she MIA?

Stay safe my lovelies and just be a little kinder to yourself. This too shall pass. 🙏🏾

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