All’s Right With The World

Who’s raging and why?

Marvellous Melbourne and all that sail within her have done it…for now. To her mainly sensible, stoic people I bow in your general direction in thanks and gratitude. 

The Great Plague of Twenty Twenty rages on in less fortunate corners of our globe. To those people I/we send healing thoughts and a wish for a collective intelligence to surface and stop the suffering of millions. 

…and from the sublime to the ridiculous, today I walked through the ancient, creaky door of our town’s Vinnie’s op shop for the first time in nearly a year. The hunting and gathering season for all things vintage has once again resumed. Daggy but thrilling. 

Today’s mission was to go forth and find buttons to adorn the crocheted vintage flavoured vests I’m madly making in the background. Proud as punch I was because the mission was successful. What you see here is today’s haul of buttony beauty. 

How can you fondle these precious trinkets and not think about their journey. Whose nanna’s (or in my case yiayia’s) cardi did they adorn? Were they even on a cardi? Were they attached to shirts, skirts or some other random item?

Whatever their story they will travel on to their next owner and begin a whole new chapter in their journey. May all who wear them always be safe. 

May your weekend wherever you are, be safe. 🙏

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