Magic Exists

I’m here to say that magic matters, magic exists.

Hookey-pookey, Mumbo-jumbo Free Zone

I stand before you to say with some certainty that magic exists. Not the hookey, pookey, mumbo jumbo, abracadabra sort.

I’m talking about the sort of magic that happens when the improbable, impossible meets the probable and possible. This week two of these magic moments happened to lil’ ol’ me.

Marsupial Magic

If you caught my story earlier this week you will have seen my chance encounter with a koala right here on our main street. (swipe to see the footage). Koalas are shy creatures. They don’t make a habit of making appearances where people roam.

Yet, there was cutie koala looking a little stunned on the edge of our community centre’s fence. I was equally stunned but I tried hard to not frighten it. Any encounter with a wild creature is a thrilling gift. I’m pretty sure that was magic.

Bella Freud Magic

My other moment of magic happened when I least expected it. I saw a photo of two of my favorite style icons in my feed… a great photo of Bella Freud @bella_freud inspired fashion designer and refugee advocate and Susie Menkes @suzymenkes journalist and fashion critic. I was moved by the sight of them because of everything they have contributed to our culture. I felt compelled to comment on the photo just to add my voice to the collective voice of gratitude. I expected this to be the end of it.

However, an hour later I received a reply from Bella Freud herself or at least someone connected to her. What…the…actual…. She took the time to respond to my comment! When I stopped my jazz hands fan-girling and interpretative dance routine, I stilled long enough to feel the magic of the moment.

Something Rare, Precious and Beloved

The type of magic I’m talking about is the magic that happens when you feel connected even momentarily to something rare, precious and beloved. These fleeting moments leave a trail in the heart that will last much longer than the actual event. These two moments will no doubt echo long in my memory.

I’m here to say that magic matters, magic exists. We just have to be present enough, connected enough to realise we have been in its presence.

May magic make an appearance in all your days.

Toula Karayannis

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